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Advantages of working with us:

A team of professionals with experience since 2005, thanks to which we understand the real possibilities and cost of services, therefore we work strictly within the fixed budgets and terms, and we can also choose quality and aesthetic solutions for your budget.
Empirical knowledge of all technical aspects – we have a lot of experience in implementing our own projects, therefore our drawings take into account all possible questions of the construction team and are easy and quick to work with.
We follow the trends of the design services market, participate in professional forums and exhibitions, so our customers receive the most relevant and up-to-date solutions.

For regular customers:

Free consultations at the stage of housing acquisition.
Seasonal decoration of premises and advice when choosing art objects.
Discounts for author’s furniture of own design and production.

Our style:

We work with different stylistic directions and creatively implement them in a modern manner. Whether it’s an eclectic mix of styles, or pure loft, constructivism, eco-style, fusion and even classic or any of the antique styles.
However, it is much more important stylistic principles of the design of the room, in our opinion, is a deep inner idea – the soul and character of space. And here we are guided by the principles of intuitive design in the interior.

Важно - вы контролируете все в плане финансов и сроков на каждом этапе

За 18 лет нашей работы мы приняли участие
в самых разных проектах


Прайс строительных работ

  • package concept

    If you want to imagine what your interior will look like, but still did not dare to spend a lot of money on it, the concept package is not for you

    The package includes:

    • Departure for site measurements
    • 3D rendering (2-3 types per room) Cost: $ 15 / m2

  • package

    This package includes the technical part of the full design project - this is the minimum set of documentation required for repair or construction work. This is when you know exactly what you want, but you do not know how to do it.
    The package includes:

    • Departure for site measurements
    • Full package of drawings Terms: 10-15 working days
      Cost: $ 15 / m2

  • package optimal

    This package will allow you to see your interior even before construction starts due to realistic 3D visualization, and then implement it with the help of a set of technical drawings.
    The package includes:

    • Minimum package
    • 3D rendering (2-3 types per room) Terms: 20-30 working days
      Cost: $ 25 / m2

  • package full

    This package, due to the complete specification for the equipment, will allow you to reproduce the approved design by 100% and, most importantly, will shorten your time in searching for interior items and decoration materials.
    The package includes:

    • Optimal Package
    • Specification for the complete set (list of all components of the interior with links to manufacturers and sellers) Terms: 30-35 working days
      Cost: $ 30 / m2

  • package maximum

    The maximum package will ensure the full participation of the authors of the design project during its implementation and completely relieve you of the need to control the construction team and resolve technical issues. Also, you can take advantage of our discounts and save from 15 to 30% of the total budget.
    The package includes:

    • Full package
    • Author's support (from 3 to 6 months) Terms: 30-35 working days + author's support
      Cost: $ 40 / m2

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